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Lotro Funnies

[Pinned] Raggy

The Rehab of Ragnorim and Boulderboy, Last seen riding off over the dales with a humen captain named val, who claimed to be an oil baron and was promising great riches to be had defending the oil fields from the evil orcs and goblins. Rag was fee...
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Lotro Funnies

Quote Book

Ok so we have a lot of funny moments in kin that deserve putting down on paper for future giggles...... Feel free to add your or another persons ingame quotes here :)
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Lotro Funnies

Turbine Gives You Wings

For further info see HERE
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Lotro Funnies

The Fellowship of Doom a little one for the creepsSkirmish soldierAnd there are many more if you follow this link : LINK
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Lotro Funnies

Hunter's DF

This is a pretty good scenario that probably happen if the plans for a full fellowship wide Desperate Flight comes through to the live game :pAnd yes I would probably have the same smile as legolas there :)
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Lotro Funnies

An Irreverent LOTRO-Player Psychological Profile

Found a thread that I haven't read in ages, think Row posted it on the old forum.But decided I should share it with those that haven't read it before, still gave me a laugh today :)It's copied from the offical forums, all credit to the player call...
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Lotro Funnies

you might find this funny - but then again my sense of humour can be odd

Far far away in the tropical waters of the Caribbean , two prawns were swimming around in the sea - one was called Justin and the other called Christian. The prawns were constantly being harassed and threatened by sharks that inhabited the area. F...
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Lotro Funnies

100 things I learned in Lotro

1. If you break your legs you can still walk faster than the NPC you are trying to follow2. If your horse breaks it's legs apparently it makes you slower3. NPC's are so stupid that even if you are trying to protect them from 5 plus enemies they wi...
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Lotro Funnies

Gummy Bears!

This is a video of the new mechanic in Acid wing Orthanc.Yes it shows a key element to beating that wing, but this video got the best music with it ;)Enjoy and look forward to doing it yourself :D is the link if the ...
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Lotro Funnies

Very Secret (and funny) diaries...

For those of you who have not stumbled across these yet....!
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Lotro Funnies

Live as Frodo...

Situated in a hill on this woodland campsite, the house is covered with woodland turf and surrounded by trees. A round, green door with fairytale fittings opens up to a cosy, compact dwelling, shaped in the round with an organic style reminiscent ...
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Lotro Funnies

Tanking for dummies

Tanking for dummies:1. Push buttons2. Push more buttons3. Blame the hunterSeems to be it, have fun:D
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