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Through the Looking Glass

Crime Scene Evidence

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Through the Looking Glass

Introducing the 'Players'

A quick overview of the 'players' entertaining you this evening along with a little background;Rowandal Founder and Kin leader of Guardians of Hope... or at least she was until she became The Murder Victim. Left the kin to look after some abandone...
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Through the Looking Glass

Basic Tips for Interviewing Witnesses

This is a brief guide that you may find useful if you lack experience in interviewing murder witnesses.For part one of our murder mystery event, our volunteer investigators (you) are given the opportunity to question the primary witnesses to the e...
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Through the Looking Glass

How It Began...

"Dear everyone,I have seen into the future, and that future is bleak. I was walking through the Chetwood when suddenly I saw a man in a grey cloak. It’s funny, he seemed like he appeared out of nowhere, right in front of me. I suppose I must hav...
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