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Left kin

Hi All,Just a quick note for those who don't already know from me directly...I have left the kin with my main characters and joined Beggars Banquet. Just want to say I am sad to leave GoH behind and I wish you all well. Please feel free to contact...
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Talulah1994Small Talulah 4y
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So I came back to Lotro and found...

(in advance, I hope i'm posting this in the correct topic, but let me tell you this is posted with a lot of love)Hi folks, good greetings to you all!Time flies! It's been a looong time since I've been around playing Beruwen the hunter in GoH. I ha...
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thank you

Thanks to Elaiwyn and Erebryth for helping honks with ice caves tonight, hope you guys had as much fun as me :)
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Fraea will be back soon

Hey everyone,Taking some time to take care of myself and get adjusted to single life. Baught a bike and have started riding to work to get in shape. (30 km round trip). So have patience with me, I haven't forgotten you and I still love you all! :-...
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