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There are plenty of ‘rules’ and ‘expectations’ that we could list (e.g. be nice to each other) but they are mostly common sense.
However here are a few cornerstones to give you an idea of how we do things as a kin:

Social Expectations

We are community based so it is important to us that everyone who joins us is willing to put some time and effort into getting to know their fellow kinfolks and integrate into the community. We are not the kind of kin you can log into, lurk in the shadows and sneak off again unnoticed – we want to get to know you :-)

There are many ways to interact with your fellow kinfolks and we hope that as you settle into the kin you will want to join for instances, participate in kinchat, crafting and kin events etc. Of course this goes both ways so don’t be surprised if you get random tells from kinfolks wanting to introduce themselves and say hello.

While we are a mostly adult community, we ask that the chat remains relatively clean and avoid using unnecessary bad language. Swearing does not enhance the game experience and some folks find it offensive or inappropriate.

It is equally important to us that kinfolks show the same respect and consideration towards those outside of the kin.

Kin Trade
Please do not try and sell items to kin. If you have resources or items you wish to give away then you are welcome to offer them in kinchat, likewise kinfolks are often happy to help provide crafted items and mats where possible.

Alts in Kin
While being a casual kin, we do expect loyalty and commitment from our members. So we ask that you do not have alts in other kins.

Great efforts are made to maintain kin cohesion and integrity. It is important that all kin members are willing to contribute to our continued success and a large part of this is simply enjoying your time in Middle Earth within our community. For this reason (as well as to avoid split loyalties) we ask that alts are either in this kin or kinless.

Exploits &Support
As a kin we don’t use exploits. Our focus is on enjoying playing lotro and experiencing the content, not about completing content fast to get our hands on the loot.

This means that on some content we wipe... and on other content we wipe a lot! :-) Don’t get us wrong, we do actually complete content (sometimes with no wipes at all) but our focus is on the experience itself. When it comes to grouping we don’t choose the strongest players, on the contrary we enjoy taking players along who haven’t been there before and are happy to take the time to explain the instance to them as we feel this makes for a more enjoyable experience. Likewise we are happy to form an unconventional group just to make things more interesting.